Friday, January 31, 2020

Administrative Competence of Local Officials Essay Example for Free

Administrative Competence of Local Officials Essay Explain what mechanisms would you suggest to improve the administrative competence of local officials to make local government units effective partners of the national government in the development of the country? With the changing concept of local governance, the local government personnel should be qualified and highly trained for their enabling or facilitative functions. A basic question that is raised is, do they have the competence to perform the enabling functions of local government? In the Philippines, both national and local governments have the responsibility to develop and improve the competencies of the local government personnel. The Civil Service Commission (CSC) and the Local Government Academy (LGA) of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) are mandated by law to build HR capabilities at the local level. See more: Beowulf essay essay The CSC either conducts training activities through its regional 8 offices throughout the country or through its accredited training institutions. Through its regional offices, the CSC has been conducting courses for all state workers which cover the following general areas: supervisory, middle management, clerical or secretarial, technical or professional, values development, employee development, induction, and orientation or reorientation. To develop optimistic work attitudes among the state workers, the CSC offered and administered values development programs which included the Alay Sa Bayan (Offering to the Nation) training program. The CSC has also been touching base with the local government executives through the various Local Government Executive For a. Through this mechanism, the local government executives are updated on the latest civil service laws, rules and regulations and other relevant provisions of the Code. The program is focused on developing and strengthening the managerial and leadership skills of local officials. Training programs are designed to enhance skills and knowledge of employees to make them more effective in their jobs. These are centered on orientation and reorientation; values development; updating of skills for supervisors, middle managers, clerical force, and technical or professional employees; and personnel development. These imply that the kind of training that they receive would make them more effective service providers.

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